Uncle Lem's UL Raw, Unpasteurized, Wildflower Honey

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The signature of the Uncle Lem story. The raw, unpasturized, wild honey from the mountains and hills of the Smokys. Take this excerpt from the legendary story of Uncle Lem.:

"In his later years, Uncle Lem was asked what the secret was to his long life in the mountains. His response? 'I lay it up to the honey.' "

And what may you ask is the difference between this raw, unpasteurized honey that you buy from us and what you buy in the store? Take a look at the following excerpt from an article exploring the topic from the journal; Medical News Today, which explored the benefits attributed to the raw unpasteurized honey vs the kind commonly bought in stores.

"Studies show that raw honey contains a variety of beneficial ingredients.

Raw honey contains specific components that can offer health benefits. Pasteurization and other processes may remove or reduce some of these elements, which include:

  • bee pollen, which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
  • bee propolis, a glue-like substance that helps keep the hive together
  • certain vitamins and minerals
  • enzymes
  • amino acids
  • antioxidants

....This means that raw honey may offer more powerful health benefits, in terms of healing wounds and fighting infections, than regular honey.

Many studies have found that raw honey has health benefits. Usually, these benefits come from natural ingredients that regular honey may not contain."


In short, eat honey raw for its incredible benefits and we have the honey made by bees feeding on the flowers from the most beautiful place on earth, the Great Smoky Mountains.


Honey created by the bees at Knoxville Honey Co. and bottled by their humans.


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