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Breedwise Calming Bites: Tin carry case included

These calming bites support gut health and help anxious and high-energy pups relax. start with the amount below and increase as needed.

1 bite for lightweights (<25 lbs)

2 bites for middleweights (<50 lbs)

4 bites for heavyweights (<100+ lbs)

Breedwise Founders Story: "As a compounding pet pharmacist, I chose hickory bacon as the flavor. Every dog is unique and may have different preferances. If your dog doesnt like hickory bacon, try adding peanut butter or yogurt to the bites. Ensure that neither have xylitol as a sweetener; its harmful to dogs. My goal is to help you find a positive, palatable experience that helps bring some calm to your dogs life "

----Kendrick Smith, Pharm. D


Active Ingredients:Chicory root, Ginger Root, Chamomile Flower, Valarian Root, L-Theanine (suntheanine*)

our proprietary formula contains no: corn,gluten,grain,wheat, soy, dairy, or BSE / TSE

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